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Thursday, December 22, 2005

A Great Vote!

Yesterday the US Senate defeated part of a defense bill that would let oil drilling occur in the Arctic NWR. This issue has been flaming for years. Since I first heard of this plan, I have opposed it every single time. The reason is simple. We, as humans, are stewards of the Earth. We must do all in our power to care, nourish, and protect our home. With this vote, I am amazed by another thing. Why was this *environmental* bill attached to an *defense* bill? To me this is pretty close to an abuse of the legislative process. But I guess this is normal.

In saying that, drilling at ANWR must be stopped. They people in favor of this say there is oil under the tundra. There may be, but I don't want to err only to find out it was all it wasn't cracked up to be.

That's is just how I feel.