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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Getting fit, getting personal

The Apprentice is back!

Compared to the last three seasons, there have been some changes. For this episode, Trump bragged about how many companies he owns. There were also comments from the contestants about their lives. One had a child at sixteen. Another was born in Russia, and another has five degrees. And as a first, one candidate is gay. Unlike the pervious seasons, Trump met the candidates at his golf course, rather than at Trump Tower. There is also a rule change with exemptions. They will own be given to the project manager if that person wins a vote. I feel this is good. On the other hand, Trump started out with a stupid tactic: he had each team race to his helicopter. The team who got there first would use it.

When the teams got back to NYC, they went to their gyms. The girls, being late, picked a gym in Spanish Harlem. It was here that Melissa went on and on about how pricing should be low, since she knew Hispanics. The guys had their own problem. Markus, their project manager, seemed to be unsure of himself. That annoyed his teammates. I felt both of their actions were poor.

The women named themselves Capital Edge. They also seem unfocused. Their only marketing was on the street for a workout that consisted of abs, kickboxing, and pilates. The men named themselves the Excel Corp and targeted people with a work out of abs, yoga, and butt-boxing. The women had more problems when they put out a flyer that had three X's for their workout. Some questioned the bad taste. Also Melissa caused more problems when she complained to Carolyn about Kristi's work ethic and leadership.

The task ended with Excel winning by less than 20 bucks. The men got lunch with Trump. While there, they fought over Markus's leadership skills. Randal's grandmother had died and Trump let him take time off for the service.

The boardroom was a masterpiece. The girls got hammered for their marketing, with the XXX flyer for their workout program being the center piece. Talk then turned to Melissa's conduct. All the girls said she was disruptive and a pain to work with. In the boardroom, Melissa sealed her own fate by declaring that she doesn't work well with women. This outburst, combined with Kristi's poor marketing and leadership, forced Trump to make a choice. Melissa was on the losing end of the choice.

That's why I say it's good to work with others.


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