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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Shelves and Boxes

The Apprentice was cool last week!

Our two teams were sent over to Home Depot to setup and manage DIY stations. As usual, each team did things their own way. Net Worth got off to a bad start, with Erin feeling out of place in Home Depot. Angle called Home Depot "home". Tomboy, are we? They tossed around various ideas, but decied to settle on making shlves with wheels. They tried their best, but they seemed flat. Their presentation was more of a lecture than a DIY station. They made errors, such as putting togther the sheves wrong. George and Carolyn, along with Home Depot, were unimpressed. Magna, on the other hand, did everything right - but in the wrong way! They chose a bland idea; that is, they chose to build a box. How simple is that? This idea discouraged the rest of the team that they walked out. Even though they bailed, Craig kept working. Magna came though with the station. They got the whole family involved with the box. Overall, their presentation was well and the Hone Depot people liked it.

Guess who won and lost.

The boardroom was a variety of motifs for Net Worth. Angie got battered for making poor decisions. Chris' use of smokeless tobacco was an issue again. In the end, Erin annoyed Trump with her very smart attitude and got fired. What a pity.

I still feel she's the pretty one.


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