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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Well Done!

This week's Apprentice finale was very, very good compared to last years finale. In saying that, there were a few differences. In seasons one and two, part of the show was taped and the rest was live. Not this time. The entire hour was live. The set decor was very weird. It seemed like Trump, his advisors, and the two previous winners were in a courtroom. Again, very weird.

The show itself started were last week's episode left off. Tana was questioned at length about her behavior last week. On mocking her employees, she apologized. Trump and the advisors said this was a good move, but it still was not a good thing to do. She also got asked as to why she walked pompously to her limousine. She claimed it was her sense of humor. Tana's failure was illustated when she and Kendra got into a verbal match over who did more on the car pamplet task. Trump ended it by saying they both did well.

No one brought it.

Kendra got called out by Trump by crying, but he admitted it was touching due to the way her team loved her. The employees were asked what they thought and they came on opposite sides. Kendra also got criticized for not tossing her weight until the midpoint of the season. This season, Trump asked them to pick what job they wanted. Tana picked running the Miss Universe contest. Kendra picked fixing up a mansion in Palm Beach, Florida. She made her pick due to the fact that the job was up her alley (she is a real estate agent) and they it would be the perfect way to fit in with Trump's people.

There was also an update for on the two previous winners. Bill Rancic was working in Chicago on a new Trump building. Kelly Perdew as mainly working on buildings in New York and running Trump Ice. Overall, they have done well.

When the time came, Kendra got the job! I hope she does really, really, well.

Roll on season four!


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