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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Harriet Done In

Harriet Mier's goal of being on the Supreme Court ended Thursday.

She withdrew her name due to her concern about Senate requests for documents that chronicle her time with the President. Miers felt that this request could damage her work as Bush's lawyer.

In my mind, this is a major league cop-out. Personally, I felt there were other reasons.

I place blame for this in three directions. The first place for blame is the White House itself. It seemmed out of focus and lost. My other candidate of blame is the various right wing losers who opposed her nomination. These were the same folks who were whining about Democrats were then blocking other judges being judged (no pun intended) though the Senate. You also have to admit that Miers herself is to blame. According to an editorial I read, she failed to impress Senators and some also said that she would flunk her confirmation hearings. The questionnaire she gave to the Judiciary Committee failed to impress the committee further. In short, Mier's lack of experience was worse than we fought.

Bush now has one more chance for this seat. Will he use it effectually or squander it?


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