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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Broke book, fixed book

The last few weeks has been interesting, iBook wise. As I was using my pride & joy, the screen suddenly froze, showed static, and turned white. The laptop had done this three times over the past the last year, but I reckoned it all to the proverbial wear and tear. This was not the case. After a nice friendly chat with Apple, it appeared the logic board on the machine had broken down. They asked us to send it in. During the period between sending the iBook in and it coming back, I managed to get my PDA and my iPod running on my parents' Dell (which is nice). I also got my email running as well. I loathe Internet Explorer, so I got Firefox instead. A solid week after I send the machine back in, I got it back! I reconnected my Palm, iPod, flash memory sticks, and mouse. Thankfully, none of the data I feared lost was gone. That is good.

I just hope this all lasts.


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