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Friday, December 14, 2007

iStuff=iProblems, Part 2

My iPod mini is two years old!

Since that time, I've been keeping an eye on what Apple does next. Along these lines, Apple made some good updates over the last few months.

The first two updates are to the video iPod and nano; it's known as the iPod classic. Compared to last time, the classic tops out at 160GB, which is totally amazing. Also the interface has been redesigned and cover flow has been included. The nano has been updated as well. Compared to the past generations of nanos, the body on the device is wider and the colors are more sober and less flashy, that's good. The nano also has video and the same interface redesign.

The second update relates to the new iPod touch. The touch is, simply put, an iPhone without the phone! It has the same interface as the iPhone itself and some of the same looks. Also there seems to be an iTunes store on the touch. With all of this put together, the device seems nifty.

However, it wouldn't be an iPod launch without problems. On the new classics, folks have been seeing a lot of problems. iPod touch users have been battling with faulty screens (it seems the nano has been problem free so far - in saying that, I wish the new nanos had 10GB).

Even with all of these problems, there are three things that bother me. After the release of the new models, it was revealed that video out has been locked on the new iPods unless the device you want to see video on has an Apple authorization chip. Another surprise was the decision by Apple to have those folks who brought games for the 5G iPod to buy them again. With these two things, I can see where the hurt is coming in. Like the Government, I can understand what Apple does and why. Not so with these two decisions.

The third problem seems to be with the iPod touch. If this review is correct, it appears Apple has taken the ROKR route by limiting the iPod touch so as not to effect the iPhone sales. To fix this, I would like to see the touch be a halfway between the iPod proper and the iPhone. Add a mail client, games, a notepad, and the ability to install your own programs. If this were to happen, traditional PDA's will be history.

Then again, if Apple decides to stay on their present course, I have a clear solution. I'll take my music and videos and go home.


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