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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Goodness from the (Apple) tree, Part 2

Besides the iPod, iTunes, Apple TV, and iPhone updates, there has been two new things falling from the tree.

First the fruit company introduced the Time Capsule. This device is intended to be used for wireless backups. While this is good, I have questions on how secure the device is. In saying that, this could get folks to backup more.

The best thing to come out of MacWorld is the new MacBook Air. From the pics I have seen, The MacBook Air is thin, way thinner than my iBook is. The best new feature is the multi-touch on the trackpad and the Remote Disc feature. This seems to be a feature where one connects the MacBook Air to another Mac with a optical drive to install software. This seems like a pretty neat feature. The only thing that bugs me is the lack of an optical drive. The spin from Steve on this seems to be that he doesn't buy that "most users will miss the optical drive or need the optical drive". Sorry to rain on your parade, Steve, but I have plenty of CD's made before iTunes was even around and/or burnt CD's with data on them; or in another way, Steve could be like Noah in regards to the drive and we're all of those who don't believe the flood is coming until its too late. I believe others on in the same place as well. For cases like this, an optical drive would nice as a built-in option. There is also no battery replacement ether.

On the whole, I believe the MacBook Air is pretty good - on paper. Because of the flaws I see and the 'if we don't say it you need it, you don't need it' attitude, I'll pass on the MacBook Air. Let the early adopters get burned.

I wish Apple well with all of this. Its a lot of food on their plate, but I feel they can handle it.


  • Regarding the Remote Disc feature which is really cool and the lack of included optical media, I think there are a number of people who really want an ultraportable notebook on the road. They don't really need to access CD/DVDs on the road. One good example I can think of is professional photographers. A good sized laptop that enables them to quickly check the photos (outside) would definitely be a bonus.

    MacBook Air, from what I see, is not targeted at average users. Most people might choose power and convenience of optical drive over the "ultra" portability. (I wrote this.)

    By Blogger Antony Shen, at 1:04 AM  

  • Nice to see you blogging again, Josh!

    Frankly, my opinion has been down on Apple lately. The MacBook Air is by far the most substantial of these new announcements, but as a product I think it seems to miss its target: Reducing the footprint would have been more practical for portability than reducing the thickness. As it stands now, it's just a compromised, slightly-bulky computer that you can stuff in a manila envelope.

    By Blogger Andrew Turnbull, at 1:49 AM  

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