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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Yesterday Apple released new iPods. On the whole this is a part of the natural progress the iPod has made for all of these years.

First off is the new iPod nano. Its now available in nine (flashy) colors and compared to previous model it is rounder and thinner than before. On the color end, I like these choices better. While last years colors were sober, this year I can actually tell which color is which. Interface wise, the nano has has its biggest change. Like the iPhone and iPod touch the screen rotates when watching video or looking at photos. There is also a "shake" feature that shuffles songs in a playlist. This appears to be the most interesting feature of all.

The new iPod touch, is in my view, the model that should have been released last year. It has gone through a redesign giving the device a curved back, a less conspicuous Wi-fi patch, and finally an internal speaker and volume buttons! There is also support for the Nike+iPod running sensor.

The iPod classic now only has 120GB of space with the previous 80GB and 160GB models dropped. This to me, seems like we are nearing the end.

Also new in both iPods and iTunes is a "Genius" feature. According to things I have seen via the Keynote, "Genius" is designed to create playlists using a song (such as this one) that is based on the songs it thinks you would link. At the Keynote it was said that this requires this to connect to Apple to update preferences; they have promised this mined data will be anonymous. I have my doubts about this.

When all is said and done, this was a small bump and a very meaningful one at that. As for the nano, its gotten a few new features that keep Apple ahead for a longer time. As someone who got a touch recently (more on this later), I'm excited to finally see the device become the best PDA and iPod ever.

We are in for good times.


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