Llais Ifanc Reloaded

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Crazy is as Crazy Does...If You Win by Default

As with previous weeks, the Apprentice was very good. The teams were asked to promote a new flavor of Crest toothpaste. The Mosaic team had a very dumb idea of giving away the chance of winning 1 Million dollars. The team backed down, due to the fears of the law geeks that the risk of the contest was too big to insure. They later modified their game plan by giving away 5,000 dollars at different parts of the day. The Apex team did a bit better, recruiting Mets player Mike Piazza to brush his teeth. They did better than Mosaic but lost due to being over budget! Instead of focusing why they failed as a team, they turned to focus to Stacy J.'s erratic behavior. In the end, this tactic worked and Stacy J. paid the price for it.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Being the patsy, Apprentice style

Last night's Apprentice was cool. Each team had to invent a new flavor of ice cream. The Apex team chose to create a reddish colored ice cream while the Mosaic team chose to embed doughnuts into ice cream. Flavors aside, the Apex team had one fatal flaw. Their leader, Ivana, was weak and ineffective. At one point, her team lost track of two carts filled with ice cream. Even more dumb was Bradford's decision to forfeit his immunity. His reasoning for this action was that he felt he was no different than the other team members.

In the end, Bradford's gamble did not work. He was fired. He was the perfect patsy.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Yesterday, a player with Texas Rangers was arrested after throwing a chair at a fan who had been shouting insults at him all during the game. As a result, another fan's nose is broken.

This is an example of the boorish behavior that is a cancer in sports that goes from the major leagues all the way down to little league. Combine this with the bloated egos of the athletes themselves and you have the reason why I can't be bothered to watch sports anymore.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Everything Old is New Again

Yesterday was the beginning of Joey and the second season of The Apprentice.

I found Joey to be a tired old rehash of what the world saw for the last ten years on Friends. I don't think it will last long. The characters are dry and pathetic.

The Apprentice was pure fun! Both teams (named Apex and Mosaic) are pretty good. The task was to create a toy. One team chose to create a car that crashes a lot. The other team chose to create a lame action figure. When the focus group didn't go their way, Pamela, a member of the team, started to insult two children over their looks. Needless to say, her team lost.

In the end, Rob was fired for not working as hard as he should.

What a pity.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Battle of the Buttons

This week I ordered buttons that have Mr. B and Mr. K on them. The GOP charged me $9.65 for one blooming button. The Democrats were more friendly, charging me $8.00!

Coincidence, I think not.