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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Beat Goes On

Recently, there has been news on the iPod front. Apple continues to amaze me in so many ways, so here we go...

The iPod mini has been replaced by the iPod nano. The nano is different than the mini in some ways. The nano uses flash memory, while the mini used a hard drive. The colors of the mini are now gone, in their stead are white and black. However, there are a few things that disturb me about the mini. The first is price and storage. Before the mini died, the 4 GB variant was US$199 and 6 GB variant was US$249. Now a 4 GB nano is US$249. The 6 GB iPod mini is no more, being replaced by a 2 GB nano. I feel this is a bad deal all around. If you, let's say, upgrade from a 4 GB mini to the same capacity nano you will end up paying 50 dollars more for the same space. If you have a 6 GB mini and upgrade to a 4 GB nano, you pay the same but lose 2 GB. This is messed up. In some ways, this is a catch-22. Everyone loses.

Apple has also partnered with Motorola and Cingular to produce the ROKR E1, a phone that bundles iTunes. As far as I can tell, this is just a plain phone with iTunes and and a button on the phone itself for the software. The most insane thing about the ROKR is the 100 song cap. Why is this? I have read that this phone has a 512 MB flash memory card. With this capacity, one could hold 200-300 songs. I could go on, but this BBC review sums up my feelings.

In other words, the ROKR is like any other cellphone/PDA/DAP all in one: it does everything, but it doesn't do none of it well.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Hurricane, Part 2

This past week have been interesting.

Hurricane Ophelia rolled into town. For those wondering, this storm was not as bad as Katrina. However, it wasn't a picnic ether. The winds blew, trees shook, and I lost power for about a day and some change. In the end, we suffered no real damage. However, the Outer Banks got really bad rain and Atlantic Beach is in really bad shape. I feel sorry for those folks. I have been to Atlantic Beach; it's a nice sleepy beach town. My kind of place in a way.

I know we will survive.

Sunday, September 04, 2005


I bet by now most of you out there have heard about the effects and ways of Hurricane Katrina . Obviously, this is a pretty sad time for all people. However, In the mist of this tragedy, I know we will come back safer, stronger, and better. However, this will take time.

This is what I pray and wish for.