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Monday, February 13, 2006

Pods increase, DJs decrease

Count Dell out when it comes to hard drive based digital audio players (DAP). They have announced they are no longer to make Dell-branded DAPs that use hard drives. By doing this, they are left with the flash memory DJ Ditty. This is the second time a company has made a drastic change in their offerings. The last to company to change course was Rio when it decided to withdraw completly last year.

While I am sad to see anyone fall, I can see why Dell's hard-drive DAPs failed. They seemed just bland and complicated. In short, they wern't iPods - by a lot shot.

On the heels of Dell's decsion, Apple introduced a 1 GB iPod nano. Prices on the iPod shuffle were reduced as well. For those who want to get in on the iPod experence, this is the perfect time.

The announcements from Dell and Apple are more than a changing of the guard. This is a realignment of DAPs from hard-drives (which is more brittle) to flash memory (which is more durable). The nano was the first shot. I can't wait to see if Dell, Creative, Sony, or anyone else top of match the nano. In any case, this is war.

I know which side I'm on.