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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Nano 4 good (in more ways than one)

Yesterday Apple along with a host of other companies such as Motorola, The Gap, Armani, American Express and Converse have pitched in to help sell red-colored products for (PRODUCT) RED. This is a program were each company that participates gives a portion of profit to a charity that makes HIV/AIDS drugs more affordable for folks in Africa. On the whole I support this effort, and others like it, such as the ONE campaign.

Apple's contribution to (RED) is a 4 GB iPod nano. Compared to other nanos, this one is red with a white clickwheel. On the back the Apple logo,'iPod', the capacity are stamped along with the logo of (PRODUCT) RED. The price is $199 (USD); $10 (USD) off the price goes to the charity backed by (RED).

This new nano is different than the ones that came out two years ago. A month ago, Apple introduced new nanos. They bring back the colors and there is now a new 8 GB nano, only in black. A 2 GB nano comes in silver. 4 GB ipod nanos come in blue, pink, silver, and green. Aluminum has replaced the previous casing, which had a reputation for scratching easily.

All in all, it's good, very good.