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Thursday, January 18, 2007


Last Friday, a woman in California died in a "Hold Your Wee for a Wii" contest. The object of the contest was to drink as much water as possible; the winner would get a Nintendo Wii game system. Since all of this happened, things have started rolling. The show, "Morning Rave" was suspended, then canceled and the staff fired. Now tapes (listen here) have been leaked that suggest the DJs knew about the dangers of drinking too much water; a nurse also called and told the DJs about this fact.

Now the Sheriff is investigating and the family plans to sue.

What is my take on this?

In my mind, this is crazy. This is up there with the assorted violence that greeted the PS3 last year and the Xbox murders three years ago. If people are going to act stupid, then why produce the consoles? It's consumerism ran amok.

Returning to the incident at hand, other factors are at play here. The question that needs to be asked is: "who else knew about the dangers of drinking too much water and when did they know it?" This should be asked because, let's face it, higher-ups had to approve this contest. Also, the contest was done in a bad way. If the station had asked me to put on the contest, I would have a reasonable time limit for drinking the water in the same size bottles. At the end of the time limit, I would have the bottles counted; the person with the most empty bottles gets the Wii. If the station had done the contest this way, things would turned out a whole lot better.

However, I guess this path was too easy for these DJs. Since the folks who put on this contest are out of a job, they will have a long to think about their actions and the blood on their hands.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Pizza 4 Pesos

Texas pizzeria chain Pizza PatrĂ³n has decided to accept the Mexican Peso (MXN) alongside the US Dollar (USD) . This decision to accept MXN was based on a desire to cater to their Hispanic customers who compise 60% of their base.

While I understand this concern. I feel that this will last as long as people pay heed to it. After that, the program will go into the shade as people move on. I also fear that this could get your adverdge waitress or waiter confused or open the doors to those who could charge a bogus exchange rate to fool customers.

On a personal note, I have some MXN lying around somewhere in my coin collection. However, since Mexico revalued the Peso some years back, I doubt I can use them to buy a gooey, cheese, pepperoni, and mushroom pizza! If this pizzeria offered to accept these fine currencies, then we could talk.

Such is life.