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Monday, February 28, 2005

The Paint is on the Wall

This Apprentice was very interesting.

Carolyn was absent again this week; I hope she is OK. Each team was asked to scourt out an artist to create an advert for a Sony PlayStation racing game. The winner would be judged by a focus group. When Bren and Stephanie came back from the boardroom, she reconciled with the rest of Magna. I felt this was the thing that brought the team back together. At first it seemed that Magna was off course again with their mural, but after seeking feedback from people from the community, they seemed on their way. Their mural was well received by the local community and the Sony executives because it brought out the message of the product. Net Worth finally cracked this week. Tara annoted herself as task manager bacause she understood urban life. She felt that a loss to Magna, would in her words, "damage her street cred". This was Net Worth's undoing. They seemed to be aimless from the start, wanting their mural to reflect the change in the neighborhood over the years. In the end, their mural was confusing and sucked compared to Magna. This was not helped by a row Audrey and Craig got into after Tara put Craig in charge of the team. In the boardroom, Tara learned from Audrey that there were other scenes in the game she forgot to bring up. This did not settle well. In the end, Tara (and Net Worth) failed to know the product, but knew the town. For this she got fired.

Remember kids, put everything on the table if you want to win.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Get Off the Trailer

Last weeks Apprentice was interesting. Each team was asked to build a business on an trailer. For the first time ever, Carolyn was not on the task. Her place was filled by Jill, Trump's marketing advisor. Magna was true to form by not thinking outside the box. They chose to use their trailer for a spa for massages and the like. Even though it was well, it failed (in my view) on the publicity. Michael, who was rebuked last week by Bren, failed to pull his weight and continued to be a PITA. Net Worth took their trailer and turned it into a mobile meeting place featuring a casting director. At first, there seemmed to be some doubt to the idea, but after they contacted the right people, it took off. In the end, they won and got what seemed the best reward yet: $20,000 USD to spend in a pearl store! I thought that was a nice gift. The boardroom was another bloodbath. Bren accused Stephanie of being too negative and Michael just sat there. He annoyed Trump for being lazy. In the end, he was fired.

I'm glad he's gone.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

It's your turn...

I have decided to enable commenting on posts. Please be courteous towards each other and do not abuse this feature.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

A Veggie and a Runner

This weeks Apprentice was very interesting. The episode started with Bren offering a sharp rebuke to Michael for his past behavior. Magna gathered around him and forgave him. I thought that was nice. This weeks task was to create an advert for a flavor of Dove bodywash. Magna's advert focused around a cucumber being playfully caressed by a couple and two [I think gay] men walking off with a bottle of bodywash. As I think of it now, their advert seemed out of place for the product they were trying to sell. Even if the advert stank, the level of teamwork did not. It seems they learned fast from their mistakes. Net Worth wasn't so lucky. Kristin made herself task manager due to the fact her boyfriend was a director. Being the main broad for a director wannabe does not a director make. She ran Net worth hard and annoyed the models. In the end, their advert was a dud. It showed a group of runners being refresh ed with water with one running being reborn in a way with the bodywash. When the ads came before Donnie Deutsch (and deputies), Magna got barbs for not understanding the product. Net Worth got barbs for having one of the runners platter the bodywash on their face. In short, no one won. The boardroom echoed Deutsch's feelings. Trump was annoyed at Magna's lack of viewer sensitivity (the advert seemed a little too sexy), but pleased with the level of teamwork. Net Worth was slammed for the overall stupidity of the idea. In the end, the lot fell to Kristen, who got fired.

Looks like someone fell short of the goal.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Bitter Coffee

This episode of the Apprentice was very nice!

Our two teams were ask to build a PR for Nescafe's Taster's Choice coffee. Magna was crippled from the start. Verna, who ditched them last week, finally left. After they went though that, Danny was picked as the task leader. He was unable to make clear desions when they needed to be made; instead he waited until the last minute. A sign of bad decision making was signing a contact with an event planner without any idea on what to do (in any case, the planner did well). In the end, they opted for a "to go" theme, giving out coffee coupons and having an iPod giveaway. Very, very dumb.

Net Worth was in better shape. They settled on a patriotic theme that show two actors "debating" the merits of hot and cold coffee. They also gave out coffee samples in both varieies and had a 10,000 USD giveaway. Very, very, smart! In the end, they won by thinking big. The boardroom was was very good! During Magna's task, Michael abused his exemption he earned during Magna's last win by not pulling his weight and not working with others. Being lead by Erin (who is hot -- BTW), the rest of the team attempted to get Trump to scrap Michael's exemption. It failed because he wanted to stick to the rules. In the end, Danny was fired for lack of leadership.

I felt he was a bad fit all around. Besides that, I doubt anyone from Magna will win. They all should just go and get jobs with the Illinois GOP!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

He made it

It appears that Donald Trump has earned a place in the World Book Encyclopedia. I find this interesting since Wikipedia has had an article on him for over a year.

Dear reader, I leave it up to you to connect the dots.