Llais Ifanc Reloaded

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Shelves and Boxes

The Apprentice was cool last week!

Our two teams were sent over to Home Depot to setup and manage DIY stations. As usual, each team did things their own way. Net Worth got off to a bad start, with Erin feeling out of place in Home Depot. Angle called Home Depot "home". Tomboy, are we? They tossed around various ideas, but decied to settle on making shlves with wheels. They tried their best, but they seemed flat. Their presentation was more of a lecture than a DIY station. They made errors, such as putting togther the sheves wrong. George and Carolyn, along with Home Depot, were unimpressed. Magna, on the other hand, did everything right - but in the wrong way! They chose a bland idea; that is, they chose to build a box. How simple is that? This idea discouraged the rest of the team that they walked out. Even though they bailed, Craig kept working. Magna came though with the station. They got the whole family involved with the box. Overall, their presentation was well and the Hone Depot people liked it.

Guess who won and lost.

The boardroom was a variety of motifs for Net Worth. Angie got battered for making poor decisions. Chris' use of smokeless tobacco was an issue again. In the end, Erin annoyed Trump with her very smart attitude and got fired. What a pity.

I still feel she's the pretty one.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Looking Back

In theory, this week's Apprentice was nothing special. In practice, this was not the case.

As Trump has done for the past two seasons, he shown clips of various tasks - with a few "unseen" moments. A few that stuck out was one that had Bren getting lost in New Jersey. Another moment that stuck out was a meeting Verna had with Trump before she quit. I thought that was nice touch. A third moment that was striking was an attempt by Erin and Stephanie to defect to Magna (they had been sent to Net Worth).

In all, the show was pretty good.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Oh Say Can You Learn?

There is an effort under way to learn the national anthem. I feel this is a good idea. However I feel it won't work. The national anthem has become something like a relic you dust off for a while, display, and put back on the self again. For example, see how the Anthem is sung at the beginning of every sporting match. It's also a pretty archaic song about a war that has no relevance to modern Usian society.

Maybe this re-education program can work after all.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Giving Back - With an Ego

The Apprentice had big changes this week. Magna and Net Worth swapped people. Erin (the hottie!) and Stephanie went over to Net Worth. Chris and Tana went over to Magna. Their task was to talk with with big hot shot celebrities in order to get them to donate a big prize. Thinking back to season one's auction, there were a few changes. The pool of celebrities each team could use was different. Instead of actors, clothing designers, and athletes, we were shown various musicians. Some names were familiar, such as Moby, Eve, and Lil' Kim. Others were not as familiar, such as Fat Joe and Jadakiss. There was also another interesting change this time as the teams had to produce the show themselves.

The style of the meetings was as diverse as night and day. Net Worth got snared in the hands of John's ego, who billed as an expert on the music biz and interjecting himself into the talks. He also made Erin and Stephanie into trophy women, interrupting them, and even going as far to state that he was "pimping some girls". He was also focused on one idea of a house party to the artists, who were pretty lukewarm. No wonder Net Worth lost. Magna found themselves mainly with hip-hop artists, and Tana adapted to their lingo really fast - with some amusing results. The TV performances were done well. The prizes the stars offered were diverse, from Moby giving out a free week with a performance to Gene Simmons inviting the winner to a CD release party.

In the boardroom, it came out that Chris was better the talks, but not take the lead. He got rebuked for this. In the end, John and his massive ego lost out by being fired.

Now I don't know who will win.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Putting to Failure

This week's Apprentice was fascinating in more ways than one. For starters, Carolyn was back. This week each team was asked to build their own putt-putt course. Magna and Net Worth did this, but in different ways.

Magna was at it's best this week with it's planning. They worked out an agreement with the vendors to team up and produce discounts for putt-putt if they shopped at that vendor. This was a very, very, smart idea! Their theme at their course was a jungle/safari one. The children had fun and they all worked together well, very well.

Net Worth only wished they were as lucky. First off, they were disorganized. This was not helped by a row between Audrey and John. In the last boardroom, scathing comments were made towards Audrey. She seemed to take it harder than the rest of the team. The day after, it all was unleashed. Audrey exploded with references to her poor childhood, comments about not being taken seriously, and a few select four letter words. In the task, they chose a circus theme. John failed in the marketing. They all seemed uneasy as clowns. One team member was using smokeless tobacco while in dress! Dumb, dumb, dumb! To me it was no surprise they lost. In the boardroom, this all came out. However, there were two surprises: Angie turned on Audrey. Sometimes friendship can't withstand the truth. She also selected three other team members to go further into the boardroom. I thought this rule was done away with. In any case, Audrey was fired.

I felt she was too young to start with.